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Timeline of Stories and Tales

This timeline shows the various stories from Greathall Productions in their chronological order. Some tales are timeless and are noted at the bottom the chart. Click a title to visit the recording's page.

  Eras and Settings of Stories
  Middle East
  5000 BC...400AD
  3000 BC (Egypt)
  3000 BC (China)
  2000 BC through 300 BC (Middle East)
  1250 BC (Egypt)
  1000 BC (Greece)
  1000 BC (Greece)
  1000 BC (Greece)
  1000 BC (Greece)
  1000 BC (Israel)
  400 BC (Sicily)
  400 BC (Greece)
  300 BC (Greece)
  220 BC (Rome/Carthage)
  44 BC (Rome)
  1st Century AD
  62 AD (Ancient Britain, Rome)
  70 AD (Jerusalem)
  400 AD....
  500 AD (Norse)
  500 AD (Ireland)
  Medieval Arabia, Persia
  Medieval Britain
  Medieval / Renaissance Europe
  Medieval / Renaissance Europe
  Medieval / Renaissance Europe

Medieval / Renaissance Europe
  1000 (Egypt, Medieval Japan, Renaissance Spain, plus updated Native American [Lakota Sioux], Senegal)
  1066 (England)
  1100s (England)
  1296-1314 (Scotland and England)
  1300's (Venice, Italy)
  1400-1450 (England)
  Renaissance Italy
  Renaissance Italy
  Renaissance Italy
  1515 (Italy)
  Renaissance Europe
  1500s (England)
  1500s (England, Spain, Caribbean)
  1600s (Renaissance Italy)
  1618-1648 (The Thirty Years War-Europe)
  1700 (England)
  Late 1700s (United States, England)
  Late 1700's-1826 (United States)
  1770's-Early 1800's(USA - World Voyages)
  1790's (London and Paris - French Revolution)
  1793 (French Revolution)
  1800s (India)
  1800s (Frontier Ohio)
Late 1800s (England)
  Victorian England
1850 (California Gold Rush)
  1800s (England)
  1800s (Native American, Senegal)
  1800s (United States)
  1809-1865 (Civil War)
  1850-1865 (Civil War)
  1840s (United States)
  1864-1922 (USA)
  1865-1923 (USA)
  1884-1972 (USA)
  1889 (England)
  1890 (Japan)
  1896-1981 (USA)
  1896-1983 (USA)
  1800s (United States)
1900s (England, India)
  1900s (New York City)
  1900 (England)
1900 (England, France)
1900 (England)
  1902-1967 (USA)
  1906-1992 (USA)
1930's (Great Depression)
1930's (USA)

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