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Greathall Storytelling Recordings by Jim Weiss

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

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CD $13.45

Age 3 and Up

  • Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award
  • Children's Media Award

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Listeners of all ages can drift into Sweet Dreams with these remarkably restful visualizations. Experience a toy shop after hours, a colorful cavern behind a waterfall, and four other settings of safety and wonder. Gentle music follows each scene, with enough time between stories to allow Mom or Dad to turn off the player.

  • The Forest Cottage
  • The Pond
  • Behind the Waterfall
  • The Toy Shop
  • The Desert Retreat
  • The Cove

"Sweet Dreams is pure joy...it has helped our reluctant sleeper—and us—get some much needed rest. Thank you, thank you!" —Parent

Timeline: Contemporary