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Greathall Storytelling Recordings by Jim Weiss

The Three Musketeers / Robin Hood

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CD $13.45

Ages 5 and Up

  • NAPPA Gold Award

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Violence is downplayed and the characters in the two swashbuckling stories are portrayed as humans with thoughts and feelings.

  • Our Hero
  • Duel
  • Athos, Porthos & Aramis
  • The Queen's Diamonds
  • Robin and Little John
  • Lady Marion
  • The Archery Contest
  • Robin and the King

"crackles with excitement...The children are transported to another place and time... " —Classroom Teacher

"Jim Weiss' voice transports listeners young and old to a different time and place. A maser at retelling classic stories in a kid-friendly way, he explains or simplifies where necessary and minimizes any violence...one of our family's perennial road-trip picks." —Family Fun Magazine

Timeline: 1600s (Renaissance Italy)