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Greathall Storytelling Recordings by Jim Weiss

In Freedom's Cause

Date: 1296-1314
Setting: Scotland and England
Main Event: Scotland's battle for independence

One of G.A. Henty's most stirring adventures tells the story of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce as they battle the brutal seizure of their native Scotland by England's King Edward I. With the Scottish heroes is the courageous, young Archie Forbes, whose daring, insightful mind is as sharp as his flashing sword. In Freedom's Cause delivers dramatic portrayals of real Scottish and English leaders in their native countries, and places the listener in the middle of famous medieval battles, sudden swordplay in narrow streets, and dramatic tests of friendship and love.

9 Hours on 8 CD's

“Jim Weiss’ storytelling can breathe life into any lesson we’re learning at the moment…neither traveling to where William Wallace and Robert the Bruce walked or viewing compelling films of their lives and death compared to haring Jim Weiss’ reading of this G.A. Henty story.” -The Old Schoolhouse Magazine