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Jim Weiss Storytelling Recordings for School/Community Fundraising

Over 50 RECORDINGS and 100+ NATIONAL AWARDS from The American Library Association, Parents' Choice Foundation, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, The Film Advisory Board, etc.

* Quality Fundraising

Greathall recordings will enhance any book fair.

Jim Weiss' storytelling recordings make a lucrative and exciting fundraiser that is educational and fun for the whole family. People will delight in this high quality fundraiser while their schools, libraries and community organizations earn money. When you sell the recordings for $13.00/CD, you make $5.00 per each item sold.

* Wonderful Variety

Greathall recordings are storyteller's versions of time-tested classics like:

Characters of LegendThese stories encourage the reading of rich and fine literature. Although recorded for children, they are told with such integrity that they appeal to adults as well. These recordings reflect true excellence in spoken word audio and family entertainment. As a fund-raiser, they offer parents a high quality purchase that will bring the entire family unlimited hours of intelligent entertainment and listening pleasure.

"We love your recordings. My 6 year old talks about Archimedes with great enthusiasm, and impresses the jeepers out of people. I say, well, if your family listened to Jim Weiss' stories, you'd know all about Archimedes too! Thank you for such great quality products." — Parent

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Download the forms you will need:

    1. How to Place a Funraising Order (1 page, PDF)
    2. Greathall Descriptions Sheet (1 page, PDF)
    3. Student Order Form (1 page, PDF)
    4. Combined Final Order Form (1page, PDF)

Or download all four forms in a single PDF file...

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When you click on the above link to our Fundraising Forms, you will find the following:
(1) An explanation of the Greathall Fundraising Program
(2) Side one of the Fundraising Form
(3) Side two of the Fundraising Form
     (descriptions of the CDs on side one)
(4) Final Order Form (for after your fundraising event)

Please phone (800) 477-6234 or e-mail us for a complete performance/fundraising packet by mail. Be sure to include your name, organization, address, and phone number.