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What Makes Greathall Different?

No recording can take the place of Mom or Dad spending time reading or telling stories to their children. Arabian NightsNevertheless, children need independent time, and listening to Greathall recordings provides them with quality, intelligent content that builds essential auditory skills, while entertaining. Many parents tell us that, after reading to their Dreams children at bedtime, they put the book down and cuddle up together to listen to Jim tell a story. What greater tribute to Greathall recordings could there be than busy families finding time to enjoy "intelligent family entertainment" together!

* What Makes Greathall Great?

Greathall’s primary focus is classical literature, history, and science presented in a clear, exciting way that encourages children to read the originals for themselves. Rather than reading from a set text, Jim “tells” stories in his own words, reinvigorating a timeless oral tradition. He maintains the integrity of the source material in rich language that appeals to grown-ups and children alike. His style is that of a beloved and trusted parent or grandparent, using easy-to-understand, vivid language, occasionally enhanced by explanations and asides. Families tell us they “bond with literature” in their homes and as they drive along in their cars by listening to Greathall recordings.

While reading a book and listening to an audio recording are different forms of entertainment and learning, studies show they reinforce one another. At the end of the most recordings, Jim says, “If you liked this story, get the book at a library or bookstore and read it for yourself.” While Greathall recordings are never meant to take the place of reading, for children who can’t or won’t read the classics, listening to a Greathall recording ensures comprehension, appreciation, and involvement. For avid readers, our recordings will read them confidently straight to the original books.


“Both of my children, now 18 and 23, always say to each other, ‘Every thing we know is from Jim Weiss CDs!’ I can attest to how many interests and how much research on various topics they have done secondary to listening for years to your recordings.” — Parent