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A delightful assortment of high quality products featuring Jim Weiss, that are closely related to the Greathall Storytelling line.

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Story of the World VolumesG. A. Henty TitlesRead-Along Book/CD Sets

• Men of Iron•
Men of Iron

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CD $29.65
(reg. $32.95)


Written by Howard Pyle
Unabridged reading by Jim Weiss.

Men of Iron relates the thrilling adventures of a young man seeking justice for himself and his family in fifteenth-century England. With his father unfairly outlawed by King Henry IV, Myles Falworth faces enormous odds before he can become a knight and champion his family’s cause against powerful foes. With the help of loyal friends, Myles demonstrates courage and persistence as he confronts his opponents one by one, winning self-understanding and love along the way. Read more...

Approximately 7 1/3 hrs on 6 CDs

• Carry On, Mr. Bowditch •
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

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Temporarily unavailable for CD purchase but available by digital download

Written by Jean Lee Latham
Unabridged reading by Jim Weiss.

Winner of the American Library Association's 1956 Newbery Award for "the most distinguished contribution of American literature for children."

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch tells the inspiring, true adventures of Nat Bowditch, a boy during the American Revolution, whose passion for learning and unstoppable spirit lead him from poverty and servitude to triumph and adventure at sea. Read more...

Approximately 6 1/2 hrs on 6 CDs

• Come On Seabiscuit! •
Come On Seabiscuit!

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CD $29.65
(reg. $32.95)

Written by Ralph Moddy
Unabridged reading by Jim Weiss.

This is NOT the Hollywood version of this remarkable story. Written especially for children, here is the inspiring story of a knobby-kneed little colt called Seabiscuit who would become one of the most celebrated racehorses of all time. Read more...

3.5 Hours on 4 CD's

• On the Path to the Stars and Stripes •
On the Path to the Stars and Stripes

New Release!

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CD $13.45
(reg. $14.95)

Jim Weiss has recorded...
On the Path to the Stars and Stripes:
Inspirational Stories for American Heritage Girls

  • PATHFINDER: “Light a Candle” by Susan McManus
  • TENDERHEART: Sacagewa
  • EXPLORER: Lewis and Clark
  • PIONEER: Harriet Tubman
  • PATRIOT: Dolley Madison
  • STARS & STRIPES: Julia Ward Howe and The Battle Hymn of the Republic


The Story of the World

The Story of the World is a 4 Volume award-winning resource for families looking for a history compilation they can fall in love with. The Story of the World audiobook(s) are a collaboration between Susan Wise Bauer, whose writing has been described as "timeless and intelligent" (Publisher's Weekly), and acclaimed storyteller, Jim Weiss. Written in the straightforward, engaging style that has become Susan Wise Bauer's trademark, and compellingly read as only Jim Weiss can do, these CD SETS will undoubtedly become a family treasure.

The series covers the sweep of human history from ancient times until the present. Africa, China, Europe, The Americas-find out what happened all around the world in long-ago times.

Jim says, "Susan Wise Bauer has given us a great gift with her 'The Story of the World'. The writing is clear, accurate, and best of all, just plain fun for the whole family. I especially appreciate how Susan ties together people and events across eras and borders, following developments through thousands of years of human civilization in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas to reveal what is universal and what differentiates one culture or epoch from others. We at Greathall Productions are delighted to offer these unabridged audio versions of all four volumes of 'The Story of the World' as truly outstanding history resources."

Susan Wise Baurer and Jim Weiss
A great team! Jim Weiss' voice and narration on Susan Wise Baurer's Story of the World, Volumes I, II, III and IV.

CD Volumes I through IV are available NOW.

• The Story of the World, Volume I •
The Ancients
The Story of the World, Vol 1. - The Ancients

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CD $35.95
(reg. $39.95)

Unabridged reading by Jim Weiss.
Approximately 7 hours on 6 CD's.

Ancient Times (5000 BC to 400 AD)—History is a story; isn't it time you read it that way?

• The Story of the World, Volume II •
Middle Ages
Story of the World, Vol. 2 - Middle Ages

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CD $40.45
(reg. $44.95)

Unabridged reading by Jim Weiss.
Approximately 11 hours on 9 CD's.

The Middle Ages From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of The Renaissance (400 AD - 1600)

• The Story of the World, Volume III •
Early Modern Times
The Story of the World, Vol. 3: Early Modern Times

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CD $44.95
(reg. $49.95)

Unabridged reading by Jim Weiss.
Approximately 12 hours on 11 CD's.

Early Modern Times" (1600-1850)

• The Story of the World, Volume IV •
The Modern Age
The Story of the World, Vol. 4 : The Modern Age

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CD $49.45
(reg. $54.95)

Unabridged reading by Jim Weiss.
Approximately 12 hours on 11 CD's.

The Modern Age (1850 to 1994)

G. A. Henty Titles


George Alfred Henty lived in the late 1800's, was the author of more than seventy novels and countless short stories. Although his life included stints as an army officer at the height of the British Empire, a war journalist and an explorer, his worldwide fame rests on his superb, historically accurate novels.

These novels cover 28 centuries of the most exciting events in human history, starting in ancient egypt and ending in Henty's own time with events and famous individuals he personally knew. His love of adventure, coupled with a stunning capacity to accurately portray historical detail, allowed him to place a fictional young person to interact with the true, main characters of the pivotal points in history. Thus, the reader experiences the true events, the leading figures, and the customs and conditions of each era, all couched in exciting adventure stories.

Because of the sheer amount of detail in the books, we have thoughtfully, gently abridged them for our recordings but you will never feel that they are abridged. Both as adventures and as portraits of how people lived, the recordings are complete, accurate and exciting and I read them with distinct characterization and fine-tuned narration.

Here are a few important considerations:
Having experienced battle first hand, Henty wrote battle scenes more graphic than those that you will find in our Greathall line of storytelling recordings. This, plus the amount of historical detail leads us to suggest that Henty's books are best experienced by those who are at least 7 or 8 years old. They are very appropriate for older children and even adults. Accurate, exciting and with a strong ethical undercurrent, Henty's works are a splendid way to bring history to life.

Greathall recordings and Jim Weiss readings of G.A. Henty are available for wholesale purposes.

"G. A. Henty is a master story writer whose tales of historical adventure fiction will appeal to listeners from 8 - 88... expertly and dramatically narrated by Jim Weiss"
— Children's Bookwatch

• The Lion of St. Mark•
The Lion of St. Mark

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CD $29.65
(reg. $32.95)

Date: 1380 A.D.
Setting: Venice, Italy
Event: Balance of European Power and Trade

This classic G.A. Henty novel follows the son of an English merchant in Venice (1380 A.D.) Francis Hammond uses his wits, and his strong sword arm, in battles against Mediterranean pirates and enemy navy fleets.

Eight Hours on 7 CD's

• The Lion of the North •
The Lion of the North

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CD $29.65
(reg. $32.95)

Date: 1618-1649
Setting: Scotland/Europe
Main Event: The Thirty Years War

With his trademark mixture of thrilling adventure and balanced, accurate history, G.A. Henty sets us down amid the firestorms of the religious wars in Europe, written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss.

Eight Hours on 7 CD's

• For the Temple •

Date: 70 A.D.
Setting: Jerusalem
Main Event: The fall of Jerusalem during the Palestinian revolt against Rome.

Fast-paced adventure in the setting of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss.

Nine Hours on 7 CD's

NOTE: This is the most intense of the Henty recordings, with the most graphic detail in battle scenes, due to Henty's use of eyewitness accounts.

• In Freedom's Cause •

Date: 1296-1314
Setting: Scotland and England
Main Event: Scotland's battle for independence

Nine Hours on 8 CD's

• Beric the Briton •

Date: 62 AD
Setting: Ancient Britain and Rome
Main Event: Roman Invasion of Britain

Nine Hours on 7 CD's

• In the Reign of Terror •
In the Reign of Terror

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CD $29.65
(reg. $32.95)

Date: 1793
Setting: Paris and Rural France
Main Event: The French Revolution

Nine Hours on 7 CD's

• The Cat of Bubastes •

Date: 1350 B.C.
Setting: Ancient Egypt
Main Event: Ancient Egypt

Six Hours on 6 CD's

• Wulf the Saxon •
Wukf the Saxon

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CD $29.65
(reg. $32.95)

Date: 1066
Setting: Britain and Normandy
Main Event: Norman Conquest

Nine Hours on 7 CD's

• The Young Carthaginian •

Date: 220 B.C. Setting: Ancient Rome, Carthage, Italy Main Event: Hannibal's Campaign Against Rome

Nine Hours on 7 CD's

• G. A. Henty Short Story Collection, Vol 1 •
G. A. Henty Sort Story Collection, Vol. 1

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CD $13.45
(reg. $14.95)

Fans of G. A. Henty may be familiar with the beloved author's more than eighty historical novels, which offer vivid, accurate portraits of three thousand years of human history. 70 Minutes.

70 minutes on 1 CD

Read-Along Book/CD Sets

• Abadaba Alphabet •
Abadaba Alphabet

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Written by Sheila Moore/Illustrated by Carol Holsinger, and read by Jim Weiss When young children know the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make, they begin to make sense of written symbols and the then the door to literacy opens wide.

Read-Along CD/Book Set

• Mole Music •
Mole Music

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CD $17.05

Written by David McPhail, read by Jim Weiss. Kindhearted Mole's love for the violin changes more lives than his own.

Read-Along-CD/Book Set

  • ALA Notable Recording


• The Treasure •
The Treasure

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CD $17.05

Written by Uri Shulevitz, unabridged reading by Jim Weiss
A poor man journeys to a far city to look for a treasure—only to be advised to return home and find it. An endearing story with a lifelong lesson.

Read-Along-CD/Book Set

  • Caldecott Honor Book
  • ALA Notable Recording
• Gregory's Shadow •
Gregory's Shadow

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CD $17.05

Gregory, a shy groundhog, feels brave only when his friend Shadow is nearby. But Gregory and Shadow become separated. Will the two find each other—and in time for Groundhog Day?

Read-Along-CD/Book Set

• Fun (and Educational) Places to Go Journal •
Fun PLaces to Go Journal

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While this book is sure to enhance day trips and vacations, it is far MORE than a diary. It’s worth it’s weight in gold simply for all the wonderful, creative pages of things to do while in the car, plane or train.

62 Page Book